The All Leather Legend

Over 150 years ago, White’s Boots began crafting our all leather, handmade, custom boots. Our history in exceptional, made in America products, allows us to continue being America’s favorite custom boot manufacturer.

Legends don’t become legends because they demand it. It’s because others do.

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A fit for all feet, a type for all wearers.

White’s Custom

Our most popular product line,
created custom to your feet,
from heel to toe.


Our semi-customizable line of boots
made of all leather and meant to last.


Our off the shelf boots,
made with attention to detail
and longevity in mind.

Made in the USA

Since the founding of our company, White’s Boots have always been proudly made in the USA. Generations of customers
have come back to us because of the quality of our boots and our unbeatable customer service.

Complete Warranty Customer Loyalty

Boot Repairs

We’ll take your old White’s Boots and repair or
rebuild them back to good as new.

Arch Ease

Our Arch Ease design duplicates the natural contour
of your foot, allowing for all day comfort.

Anatomy Of A Legend

White’s handmade boots surpass machine-made imitations.


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