Boot Care

Our selection of boot care supplies online and in our store in Spokane, WA can help you with maintaining your footwear.

Protect Your Investment

Protecting your new White’s investment with proper care will
quickly extend the life of your boots.

Here are a few maintenance tips:

  1. Take special attention in cleaning your boots daily by washing off mud and dirt. Dried mud will rob the leather of its natural oils, making it dry and stiff. Ultimately, stitching will weaken.
  2. Avoid drying wet boots near sources of intense heat. Campfires, radiators, etc., can cook and damage wet leather at surprisingly low heat. In fact, the quickest way to ruin a good pair of boots is to force dry them. Instead, allow boots to dry at room temperature or use a Peet Shoe Dryer.
  3. After boots are clean and dry, apply light boot oil (link to boot oil and preservatives in shop). If a high degree of water repellency is desired, thoroughly rub heavy boot dressing or grease into the leather. We recommend White’s oil for our highly water repellent Red Dog and Black Otter leathers.)
  4. Enjoy your White’s Boots!

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