ISO 9001

White’s Boots is an ISO-9001 registered boot manufacturer.

For over a century, White’s Boots has established a tradition of building the finest quality of boots in the world. The management and employees of White’s Boots recognize this and take great pride to continue the legacy today and into the future. Continuous quality improvement is the tool that provides White’s Boots the ability to build boots that endure the test of time to meet and exceed customer’s expectations in value and service.

All areas of our manufacturing process are carefully described in the ISO 9001 registration process.

ISO 9001 Registered” means an organization has met the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. ISO 9001 is focused on maintaining company processes that meet customer expectations and deliver customer satisfaction. In this way we can provide the highest quality product and the best possible service to our customers.

ASTM-2412 Certification – For Safety Boot Options

White’s Boots also proudly holds an ASTM certification. This certification conforms to the specification & performance of boots with safety in mind.

We offer some boot styles built with a safety toe. (Steel Toe or Composite Toe) The safety specifications include: The effectiveness to eliminate or diminish the severity of injury to the toe area of the foot when subjected to a falling object or a compressible force.

We offer some boot styles which include metatarsal protection: which will help to eliminate or diminish the severity of injury to the metatarsal area adjacent to where the toes and bones of the upper foot intersect.

We offer some boot styles with Electrical Hazard protection: These boots will help reduce the buildup of static electricity from the wearer to ground, and provide resistance to electric shock when accidental contact is made with live wires.

If you have additional questions regarding our safety boots please contact customer service at (800)541-3786 or email us at whites@whitesboots.net.


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