White’s Customizable Boots

We know that no two pair of feet are the same. If you’re the kind of person who relies on your feet to get you through a rough day on the job, our customizable boots have been depended on for over 100 years to work for you.

White’s handmade boots surpass machine-made imitations.

Here are some outstanding qualities that make White’s Boots superior.

Handmade by skilled craftsmen

Hand-sewing the insole to the upper with 9-strand Irish linen, creating a tighter water seal that adds flexibility by eliminating nails except those securing the all-leather shank.

Thick, firm high-quality leather

Strong all-leather shank custom shaped to fit your foot

White’s Boots Arch Ease™ design

Re-buildable for years of life and value

White’s Boot Sizes

As a result of 100 years of boot making, White’s has one of the largest selections of foot size patterns (known as “lasts”) available. Order virtually any size- from 4 to 16 in length and AAA to FF (EEEE) in width, some exceptions may apply. We will select the last and pattern to best fit the shape and arch of your foot.

The majority of boot wearers can be precision fitted from White’s standard patterns. However, approximately 5% of our customers require “special pattern” made-to-measure boots. Typically, this is due to foot peculiarities such as narrow heels, thin ankles, unusual shaped feet, bunions, etc. If you should require a special sized pattern that does not exist, White’s can usually design one. We provide many people with their first opportunity to walk and work in comfort. If your prints and measurements determine you need special pattern boots, we will notify you before boot construction begins.

There is an additional charge for building special pattern orders. However, your special pattern and last will be saved for reorders in your name only for a minimum of 10 years. Since special pattern boots are for your feet only, they cannot be exchanged. Allow a 10 to 14 week delivery time for special pattern boots. Boots that are not stock items require a 30% restocking fee.

Returns and Exchanges
of Custom Boots

Since our custom boots are made just for you, they come with a special return and exchange policy.


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