Care of Boots

A pair of White’s isn’t just a pair of boots - it’s a crucial investment in your livelihood, no matter what your line of work. And as all good investments do, White’s Boots reward those who treat them with care. Preserve and protect your investment with our line of recommended boot care products.

As we always say, the only thing better than putting on a pair of White’s is knowing you’ll never have to part with them. Take care of your boots, and they’ll take care of you.

Here are a couple of tips from our own experience:

  • Clean your boots daily by washing off mud and dirt. Dried mud will rob the leather of its natural oils, making it dry and stiff. Ultimately, stitching will weaken.

  • Avoid drying wet boots near sources of intense heat. Campfires, radiators, etc., can cook and damage wet leather at surprisingly low heat. In fact, the quickest way to ruin a good pair of boots is to force dry them. Instead, allow boots to dry at room temperature or use a Peet Shoe Dryer.

  • After boots are clean and dry, apply light boot oil. If a high degree of water repellency is desired, thoroughly rub heavy boot dressing or grease into the leather. We recommend White’s oil for our highly water repellent Red Dog and Black Otter leathers. Also, if your boots have leather laces we recommend that you apply leather preservative to them as well, to help the laces last longer.
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