Fit Guide

So you’re preparing to order your first pair of White’s - congratulations, and welcome to the family! You are about to realize what generations of footsore wanderers have found: there is no boot more comfortable than a pair of White’s.

The first part of your journey toward comfort is over! The second and most important, however, is about to begin: we have got to determine your size. Were you to walk into our showroom in Spokane, we would have an expert size you up, but never fear! We’ve developed a process for getting you the same time-honored results right here online; simply follow the instructions below.

To accurately measure your feet, you’ll need a sheet of white paper, a pen, and a tailor’s tape. For a downloadable measurement sheet, and a copy of our mail-in order form, please click the link at the bottom of the page.

Step 1 - You cannot measure your foot accurately without the help of another person.

So go grab someone, anyone. This won’t take long!

Step 2 - Put on your boot socks.

The socks you intend to wear with these boots most often should be on your feet throughout the fitting process.

Step 3 - Stand on a sheet of white paper, and ask your helper to trace your foot with a pencil.

Distribute your weight evenly between both feet and have your helper hold the pencil straight up and down. Trace each foot. It’s alright if the tracings are on a single sheet of paper, and if they overlap a touch, but we do need one clean line all the way around each foot.

Step 4 - Using the tape, measure the length of each tracing in inches from heel to toe.

This is important: do NOT measure your actual foot. Measure the length of the tracing you have made. And, again, measurements should be reported in inches.

Step 5 - Ask your helper to measure the circumference of your foot at the ball, instep, and heel.

Sit down and cross your legs one over the other - this will allow the foot being measured to be fully relaxed and in its resting posture, the posture we want to imitate in constructing your boot. Measure both feet using this method. On each measurement, pull the tape tight and then release it slightly so that it is snug, but not constricting.

The Ball - This measurement should be taken from the top of your big toe joint diagonally backward over the top of the pinky toe joint, and back around to where you started. If the tape measure is pulled straight across the top of your foot, you have done it incorrectly.
The Instep - This measurement should be taken in the center of the arch of your foot.
The Heel - This measurement should be taken from your heel, all the way around the front of your ankle.

Step 6 - Measure around your leg (standing) beginning at 6’’, and at intervals every two inches until you’ve reached the desired height of your boot.

So for an 8’’ boot, you would send us the circumference of your right and left leg at 6’’ and 8’’. For a 16’’ boot you would send us the circumference of your right and left leg at 6’’, 8’’, 10’’, 12’’, 14’’, and 16’’.

Step 7 - Have your standard boot size, length and width, ready when you order.

This will help us understand any abnormalities in your measurements.

Once you have finished taking your measurements, please either mail or fax them to us - we'll take it from there! 

For help with this process, and a place to take a note or two, click the link below to download a pdf of our mail-in order form or measurement sheet.

Direct Mail Order Form
Measurement Sheet

Mail to:
White's Boots 
4002 E Ferry Ave.
Spokane, WA 99202

Fax to:  (800) 676-2668

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