Otto White learned bootmaking from his father, who learned it from his father, who learned on the job, shoeing loggers and soldiers in the Blue Ridge mountains in the late 1800’s. By the time Otto set up shop in Spokane in 1915, White’s Boots already had a reputation for making the most comfortable and durable boot money could buy.

Otto himself remained active in the factory until his death in 1972, passing on his commitment to quality craftsmanship the best way he knew how - training the next generation of bootmakers.

Today, Whites continues to do things Otto’s way: by hand. Otto was convinced that nothing short of a fully customized fit could meet the harsh demands of a day spent cutting fire line, climbing electrical poles, or bucking logs, and we think he was right. That’s why we continue to produce our All-Leather Legend - crafted entirely of thick, durable leather, our boot changes and matures as you wear it, becoming more comfortable and more yours with each passing day. And because of its hand-sewn, stitch-down construction, it is entirely rebuildable for years of value.

The White’s legacy is a boot inspired by the men and women who will wear it: tough, determined, and proud. Anything you can ask of a White’s Boot it can perform, because no matter who you are, you deserve the best boot money can buy.

Welcome to the White’s Legacy - we’re glad you’re here.

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