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It wasn’t about the boot for Otto White, it was about the foot and man above it. We abide by his way of thinking still to this day. Whether your decisions are based on fitting requirements or style preferences, our custom boot ordering options will ensure that the boot you receive is the best boot for you.


Our most popular and longest tenured last, the 4811 is perhaps better known as the “Smokejumper Last”, the foundation of our famous wildland firefighting boot. The 4811 is deep in the toe-box, giving it a tough, square-jawed look that is emphasized by the medium-high arch and slightly narrower heel. This last was built to fit any foot securely and comfortably in the most extreme conditions, and it has been doing so for decades. We see no reason to change the program now.

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Our second most popular last, and our fourth official “Arch-Ease” last, the 55 doesn’t have a name like its siblings. Put simply, it is so uniquely comfortable it has never needed one to stand out from the pack. Introduced over 30 years ago, this last found its home in our offerings right away as a slightly lower arched alternative to the 4811, with a roomier toebox. For those interested in a boot that fits a little less tightly for weekend wear, the 55 last delivers our trademark support and comfort without the severe break in associated with a truly high arch.

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By popular demand, we have developed the 5050 Last for the White’s customer who seeks comfort provided by the traditional arch found in our other lasts, but also desires a more sleek toe shape found in most dress boots. From just behind the ball of the foot, toward the heel, the last is the same shape, fit and arch height as our well known 55 last. From behind the ball and toward the toes, the last has the same fit and toe shape as our MP last which was loosely designed off the Barrie Dress shoe last. We believe the blend of these two characteristics has created a last that will provide a style and comfort experience found nowhere else.

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MP Last

The MP Last is a true dress shoe last with a long pedigree and a classic silhouette. Used exclusively in our lifestyle collection, the MP boasts a refined profile based on the legendary Barrie last, with a flatter arch, a shallow toe-box, and a wide ball-area, which provides an elegant balance to the traditional block dress heel. Despite the relatively low arch, we’ve still accommodated a thick, all leather shank to provide our trademark comfort. We guarantee you won’t find a more comfortable dress shoe on the market.

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A close relative of the 695, the “Packer Last” shares honors with the 4811 “Smokejumper” as our oldest last. It was with the Packer last that Otto White and his father and grandfather pioneered their legendary “Arch-Ease” construction technique, still a hallmark of superior comfort and quality today. Though not quite as high in the arch as its Thoroughbred brother, the 690 still provides ample support, and a more rounded toe-box for an understated, casual look.

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Boasting the highest arch of all our original Arch-Ease lasts, the “Thoroughbred Last” cuts a traditional western figure, with a pointed toe and a narrow toe-box. Don’t quote us on this one, but we’re pretty sure Tom Mix wore this boot. Either way, it sure looks good in a stirrup.

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This sprung toe last has been most popular in the Asian market. Compared to the 55 and 4811 Lasts, the C461 is narrower in the toe and features a sharp turn up in the toe box. Its ball width and arch are very similar to the 55. The C461 is most commonly used in our Semi Dress and 350 Cruiser boot styles.

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The 9338 was originally designed for feet that have issues with their 5th metatarsal. The toe box is very roomy and that extends to the outside ball area. It features slightly less arch than our 55 last. If you have trouble fitting in normal footwear, ask us about this last. You will immediately notice the custom comfort.

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Northwest Last

The Northwest Last is built for superior off the shelf comfort. Deeper in the toe-box, and slightly wider in the ball and heel than the 55 last, it also provides the lowest arch of any last in our offerings. This low arch makes it tremendously easy to break in, a fact which we emphasize frequently by pairing this last with soft, flexible Cristy Crepe soles. For those looking for a weekend work boot, the search ends with our Northwest Lasted boots – tough as anything in our collection, and comfortable as a pair of beat-in slippers.

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The 54 Last is used exclusively in our retro Oxford style boots. This last features a flatter arch than our normal lasts and its shallow through the toe box. The ball area has an average width. A true heritage fan will love this traditional last.

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Our widest last through the ball area, the 1970 Arch-Ease® Last falls between the 4811 and the Northwest Last in arch height. Used in our motorcycle line of boots, the 1970 last cuts an old school, snub nosed figure, ideal for toeing bar stools and shift levers alike.

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What’s the easiest way to make a great fitting motorcycle boot? Take our best fitting, high arch 4811 last and cut the toe off square. That’s exactly what we did while developing this last. A rough and rugged square toe look with the arch support that is true to the White’s reputation.

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A close sibling of our Northwest Last, the 610 combines a flat arch with a deep and wide toe-box to offer a sturdy, roughcut look, and a minimal break-in period. Developed for our line of Foreman work boots, this last quickly became a favorite among employees and customers alike.

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The 1972 Last design was based off the 610 Last. The 1972 combines a flat arch and more toe volume. Developed for an easy break-in period and to have the traditional moc toe look and fit. Whether used for work, casual wear, or riding on the weekends, this last was made for everyone’s style.

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The 329 Last has one of our highest arches and is used exclusively in our Plainsman cowboy boot. It features a semi rounded, softer looking toe with less point than your average cowboy boot. An all around great looking and great feeling cowboy boot last.

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V2533 Cowboy Last

White’s new Cowboy Last provides the high arch and classic silhouette of a traditional pull-on cowboy boot, while leaving room for our signature leather shank. It fits a high arch similar to our 690 Packer Last.


Our women’s version of the traditional 4811 Smokejumper last. We have taken the time to ensure a great fit for our hardworking women. We narrowed up the heel and ball for a snug fit, but kept the high arch of the original 4811. If you’re fed up with downsizing a men’s boot and not getting the right fit, ladies, try this last and you’ll quickly realize why so many wildland firefighters can’t get away from this last.

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Our second women’s last exclusively designed for our lady packer boot style. The high arch provides optimal support. A narrow cowboy toe closely resembles our men’s 695 cowboy last. Dress it up for a night out or cinch it up for a hard day’s work. This last was made for both comfort and style.

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