Prism Supply Q&A

Prism Supply Q&A


1. For the folks that don’t know, give us the rundown on what Prism Supply is about.

Prism Supply is an aftermarket parts manufacturing company specializing in products for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Our goal is to simply make the process of building a motorcycle for someone that doesn’t have access to a full shop a little bit easier. We strive to make aesthetically pleasing, high quality, user friendly, and reliable products. Over the coming years, we aim to expand our product line to give our customers everything they need and with more options. 

2. Prism Supply emphasizes the importance of US manufacturing and crafting products that last. Where does that desire come from? 

In my 34 years of life I’ve witnessed USA manufacturing disappearing. I feel like it’s my responsibility as a business owner to do my absolute best to keep manufacturing here in the USA so it doesn’t continue to disappear. Unfortunately, that’s a very difficult thing to achieve in today’s society but all we can do is continue to make an effort. 

3. The My Garage series has shed light on some unique individuals and their stories. What’s been your favorite part of the series so far?

My Garage has been such a fun experience for us. When all of the Prism employees hang outside of work, we still stay in the “garage” and work on motorcycles, listen to music, talk about life, etc. My whole life it’s been that way. I remember my dad taking us to hang in his friends’ garages when we were kids. Now, my son and daughter do it with me.

For me a garage has always been an enjoyable, special, sacred space, and one where people feel comfortable talking about life and sharing their story, which hints at the reason this series was born. We wanted to share this experience and stories with the world.

Each person has their own unique story. It’s really opened up my eyes to different cultures and communities and I hope it’s doing the same for the viewers. We’re all in this together. Let’s support each other, have fun, and enjoy life. 

I do have one experience that I’d like to share, out of many. I grew up playing drums and I loved hardcore and metal music. During season 2 I had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Root from Slipknot. We had a jam session in his studio where I got to play drums with him. I mean, I played terribly but still, that was a pretty cool opportunity. 

4. Can you share your most memorable motorcycle trip? What made it special?

I’ve done a bunch of memorable motorcycle trips. But I just recently did one that I’d like to share, which was riding the BDR from New Mexico all the way to Sturgis with my friend Danger Dan.

I was always a hardcore vintage only advocate until a few years ago when I realized that every style of motorcycle offers a different adventure for you. There are street bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, choppers, etc and they all offer something unique. With myself being so hardcore vintage I didn’t get to enjoy a lot of the benefits motorcycling can offer.

Shortly after I got out of this headspace, I got a Harley-Davidson Pan America. This bike really changed my motorcycle life. I mean I could ride twisty mountain roads alongside sport bikes, trails with dirt bikes, ride all day long without feeling worn out, go camping wherever I wanted, all while being on a reliable bike. It was truly a game changer for me. I got to enjoy all the aspects of motorcycle riding on one bike.

So onto the Sturgis ride, I knew Danger Dan had been planning these adventure rides and they all looked absolutely incredible. In passing one day I mentioned to him “If you ever want a riding buddy I just got a Pan America and would love to join you.” He said “Do you want to do the BDR to Sturgis this year?” I said, “Of course I do.” And that was about all of the planning that went into that trip and frankly that’s what made it so great. 

The ride was about 9 days and we did about 2,000 miles. You can read the write-up and view the full photo gallery on our site here.

5. Can you describe what it was like being a part of the Harley-Davidson Highway King release?

It still gives me goosebumps when I think about that opportunity. The whole experience was mind blowing and special for me. I would have never guessed in a million years that I’d be asked to be the talent in an H-D product release launch. 

I actually fell in love with that bike so of course I had to get one after that!

6. There is something about The Congregation Show that feels special, what do you feel sets it apart from other shows throughout the year?

The venue is absolutely incredible and if you’re not into motorcycles or cars, you should come just to see the property. To be totally honest, the venue fell into our lap. I was looking at shop space in Charlotte because we had outgrown my brother’s garage. As I was getting the tour of our potential shop space, which is actually our current manufacturing space, the property owner was like “Jake, you’re into motorcycles and vintage cars. There’s actually a building on site where they used to manufacture Ford Model A’s and T’s.” Of course my jaw dropped and I had to go see it. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the perfect place to hold the show and immediately I asked if we could do an event there. That’s how the first Congregation was born. Right place, right time kinda thing.

I would say it is a unique experience and there really aren’t many events that capture true Americana history in one building with both cars and motorcycles together. It’s so special to me to see this east coast community come together and create this culture together.

And the last thing I would say about this event that makes it feel unique, and I know I’m biased, is that everyone talks about how special it feels. There truly is a family spirit and element that fills the building. Come experience it for yourself on Saturday October, 7. More info here.

7. What is the next dream project?

I’ve actually started another project. I’ve owned and built a whole bunch of bikes in my life but I’ve never owned a knuckle until just recently when I purchased a 1937 chopper motor. So I’m collecting parts for that build. It will be a ’60s style chopper! 

8. Best quote to live by?

Live. Laugh. Love….. Duh. 

9. Word on the street you picked up a pair of 4Q Engineer boots. How are they working out so far?

Out of any boots I’ve purchased, they’ve been the easiest boots to break in and by far the most durable. I’m stoked to put many more miles on them! Thanks Max and White’s for a killer collab!


White's Boots | October 5, 2023


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