Westward Leather Co x White’s Boots

Westward Leather Co x White’s Boots

At White’s Boots, we owe a lot to the companies — both big and small — who have collaborated with us over the years. We’ve built a lot of custom boots for a lot of different customers around the world. They bring us their big ideas and we build them. This time, we had a big idea of our own, so we brought it to one of the best leather workers in the Pacific Northwest: Ben Fife at Westward Leather. Exclusive to White’s Boots, and now available in a limited supply of only 10, we’re excited to introduce a wallet that will bring you years and years of service. 


Some of us remember our grandpas and dads packing the same wallet for years. Over and over, it wore down into the back pocket of their jeans. They might have picked it up at a flea market or a leather goods store, but it was made to take abuse, and that’s the only kind of wallet Ben makes.

It’s hard to appreciate the skill of an expert leather worker until you watch them work through every step. Cutting, stitching, sanding, edging, and burnishing, Ben is an expert. He produces painstaking, but impeccable products for anyone who is lucky enough to get their hands on one—wallets, pouches, bags, and other handmade goods. Whenever we explore ideas outside of our own expertise, our commitment is to offer products that accompany the quality of our handmade boots. Anything that Ben makes fits that mold, and because he’s located in Spokane, WA, we also got the opportunity to to look over his shoulder while he worked.

The durability of all handmade leather goods comes down to the quality of the hide and hardware, the choice of construction, and the skill of the craftsman. With that in mind, the Crue Wallet is trimmed with solid brass and cut from a combination of Horween Waxed Flesh and Conceira Walpier’s Buttero for the exterior and interior. Almost indestructible when done well, the saddle-stitched construction is executed by hand, and made all the more durable by a heavy waxed thread, giving it reinforced durability and flexibility across stress points. Finally, as one of the most difficult steps, the hand-finishing process—sanding, edging, burnishing—is meticulous. It’s taken years for Ben to master each step, and the result is a work of beauty that will stand up to anything. 

In the same tradition as our handmade boots, the Crue  Wallet is rebuildable and repairable, something White’s Boots and Westward Leather share across many of our products. It’s a tradition that neither of us intend to break any time soon.

Product Specs:

Rebuildable, repairable. 

Saddle-stitched by hand with heavy waxed thread.

Sanded, edged, and burnished by hand, resulting in a smooth finish.

Designed as a perfect blend between a classic gentleman’s bifold and a trucker wallet.

Exterior is made with Horween Waxed Flesh leather, reversed to the grain side, waxed and oiled for distinct character and durability.

Interior is made with Conceira Walpier’s Buttero in color Whiskey, durable and supple.

Spine is made with a secure wallet leash, constructed from Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan® in color Brown with a custom-made solid brass jump ring.

Fastened with a matching Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan® Belt Leash with snap fob secured to a solid brass four sided chain and attached with split ring hardware to make it customizable for each user.

Secured with a hidden solid brass ligne snap from Hasi-Hato in Japan.

Storage includes 6 vertical card slots, 2 underside pockets (sized for cash and cards), and one large billfold pouch.

Contour design places hardware above the pocket to avoid heavy wear in garments.

To get your hands on one of these heirloom pieces, or to learn more about the product specifications for the Westward x White’s Crue Wallet, go HERE. If you’re interested in seeing what else Ben has to offer, check him out at www.westwardleather.com.


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