There is no boot silhouette quite as enduring as the trench boot. It spans across many decades, wars, shoe manufacturers, and men and women who wear it as a style for work, dress, and every other purpose imaginable. Since the launch of our Handsewn Stitchdown MP line almost a decade ago, the MP Sherman style has been a top seller, and now for the first time, we’re offering it in Stitchdown Construction.  

Our Stitchdown Construction line is where our factory is able to build more and stock more resoleable and rebuildable boots. After introducing the C355 Logger in Fall ‘22, the MP Sherman has been in development. By eliminating the labor and skill of the hand-welted stitching process, our capacity for production goes up while labor costs go down, which allows us to offer a rebuildable heritage boot at a more affordable price. Hand-lasted and hand-bottomed with high grade all-leather components, this boot is an incredible value.     

The CMP Sherman is built on the 5050 Arch-Ease™ last. Ideal in a dress boot style, it combines the arch support of the 55 Arch-Ease™ last with the sleeker shape of the MP Last. It features a Medium arch, shallower toe box, and lends a more sophisticated look without sacrificing arch support and the continuous comfort needed while standing and walking on hard surfaces. Combined with an insole, shank, and midsole made of leather, the fit and overall feel is unrivaled in a dress boot style. 

Visit the CMP Sherman product page and choose from a selection five leather options from Seidel Tanning and Horween Leather Co. and to learn more about the specifications and sizes offered. 


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