Filson x White’s Fire Hybrid Boot

Filson x White’s Fire Hybrid Boot

Vetting a new field boot with Filson is always an honor. It takes an extra ounce of pride to deliver something both companies approve. Shared history requires our best, and the new Filson x Whites Fire Hybrid fits the bill.  

Several years ago, our top designers began to test the limits of a new NFPA boot. They referred to it as a hybrid between a hiking boot and a Smokejumper. The idea was a new challenge with no guarantee of success. It meant our line of bootmakers would have to meet the same standard for all-day comfort, durability, and sustainability a handsewn boot offers. Early field tests showed incredible promise.

Filson approached us midstream in our testing and brought the idea of combining design elements with their Tin Cloth. If you’re not familiar with Tin Cloth, you should be. It rivals the durability of our Smokejumper bull hide. Our combined efforts delivered a boot servicing a wide array of outdoorsmen — from hunters to hikers to hotshots and beyond. The result is a boot our shared history is proud to offer for years to come.

Visit the Filson X White’s Fire Hybrid page to order your pair and learn more about the design specifications. Also, stay tuned for the launch of the NFPA-approved Fire Hybrid, made available at in the Spring of 2021.  


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