Iron & Resin x White’s Boots

Iron & Resin x White’s Boots

Since we first did it back in 2017, collaborating with Iron & Resin has been a clash of two coastlines: the rugged soul of the Pacific Northwest and the free spirit of Southern California.

In either case, the open road is the best place to be. The one thing we share in common is our commitment to building something that lasts. The same as the motorcycles we ride, a boot that is built and rebuilt by expert hands is the best kind. 


The 350-CS is a boot that is built for riders. The added durability of the Vibram® 2021 Wedge Sole offers enhanced resistance against abrasive surfaces without sacrificing the comfort of a traditional crepe sole. Combined with the 55 Arch-Ease last, the foundation of the boot is designed to keep riders safe and comfortable. Don’t miss your chance to wear this exclusive pair of boots from our friends down south. The road is open. 

Brown Distress / Brown Distress Roughout

Horween® Brown Chromexcel

Visit the Iron & Resin X White’s Boots page to pre-order your pair and to learn more about the design specifications.  


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