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What is your Return Policy?

If your boots don’t fit or your boots fall under our Limited Warranty, you may return your order to receive a refund equal to the amount paid for the product(s) being returned. White’s Boots does not refund shipping costs. Learn more about our warranty process here.

Sizing returns must be in original condition (new and unused) in order to be eligible for a refund.

How do i return my order?

Please contact our Customer Service team by email at or call 800-541-3786 to request a RMA#. Complete our Returns Form and place it inside the package before shipping.

How long do i have to return my boots?

All return boots must be sent back within 90 days of receiving them in order to be eligible for a refund.


What is your Repair Policy?

In order to guarantee the best possible outcome for your repair, we will only accept White’s Boots at this time.

How do I send my boots in for a resole or rebuild?

Please visit our Repairs page, download and complete our Repair Form. Send the repair form along with your boots to:

Attn: White’s Boots Repairs

4002 E Ferry Ave

Spokane, WA 99202

White’s Boots is not responsible for packages lost in transit.

Which boot styles can be rebuilt?

All of our premium Handsewn Stitchdown styles and standard Stitchdown styles can be fully rebuilt.

Orders & Shipping

How do I place a custom made-to-order boot?

You can find information about custom boot orders by visiting

What is the difference between Backordered, Closeout, and Discontinued products?

Backordered –  Specific styles will show an estimated lead time for certain sizes, which can range from 4 to 20+ weeks. Lead times will fluctuate throughout the year and can change based on many factors. All Backordered items can be added to your cart and purchased.

Closeout/Discontinued – If you are shopping in our sale/closeout section or you come across a style that has a discounted price, that style is likely discontinued. If your size shows “Out of Stock” on a discounted style, it is likely discontinued and will not be re-stocked.

What is the current lead times for Backordered or Made-To-Order boots?

Lead times vary based on construction style and seasonal fluctuations. Please contact our Orders Department by email at or by calling 800-541-3786 for the most current lead times.


What is the White's Boots warranty?

We stand by our boots. White’s Boots Inc. builds quality boots and we stand behind every pair of footwear we make. White’s Boots offers a 365 day warranty to the original end user customer that their footwear is free from defect in materials and workmanship. With respect to our DRI-FOOT products, footwear is free from leakage in normal use.

EXCLUSIONS. Limited warranty does not cover, and White’s shall have no obligation or liability with respect to, any damage or problems resulting from:

  • Normal wear and tear. Cuts, abrasions or damage resulting from anything other than normal and ordinary use of the product.
  • Damage caused by chemical or other foreign body contamination and alterations, modifications or repair work performed by anyone other than White’s. Failure to adequately maintain product, including proper cleaning and leather conditioning.
  • Use of any safety-toe (NMT, Alloy or Steel) or metatarsal-guard boot after boot has sustained an initial impact in excess of specified ASTM rating. Safety toe or metatarsal guard may be shattered or otherwise damaged as a result of such impact. Boots should not there after be used in any environment that requires a safety toe or metatarsal-guard.
  • Improper or inadequate fit (once footwear product has been worn/used).

How can I start my White’s Boots Warranty claim?

To start your warranty claim, please contact our Customer Service team by email at or call 800-541-3786.

Product & Fitting

How do I determine my White's Boots size?

White’s Boots has one of the largest selection of foot size patterns (Lasts) available. Almost all sizes from 4 to 16, in widths AAA to FF, in a number of different Last styles.

To ensure the most accurate fit, we recommend completing our measurement form found in our annual catalog. Request yours here. Once complete, send your measurements to our team using the provided envelope. Once we receive them, our fitting experts will examine the measurements, determine your size, and a customer account will be created. You will be contacted by our Orders Department in the order in which we received the measurements, typically 2-3 weeks from the time it is sent.

Our online Fitting Guide is a great way to determine whether your measurements fall within our stock sizing chart. Visit our Fitting Guide and follow the step-by-step instruction to find your length and width. If your measurements fall outside of our stock sizing, we recommend completing a physical measurement form found in our catalog.

How should my boots fit?

Lace boots snugly, on both feet, then while standing, with full weight on feet, check the toe length. You should be have 5/8” to ¾” space at the end of the toes. This should place the ball of your foot at the ball of the boot. You will note that you have loose leather over the toes. This will drawn down to quite an extent as the boots are worn. Your boots should fit quite snugly, from the ball back through the heel. Your feet will feel as though they were bandaged up around the middle, because of the narrow shank and high arch. We like to have our boots fit a little on the snug side, and be sure you have the toe length recommended above. Your boots will shorten in length, and get somewhat wider as worn.

Do you offer custom fitting services?

Yes, we’ve been offering custom boot fitting services for over 165 years. If you require a special size pattern that does not exist, we make them up for you. White’s Boots provides many people with the first opportunity they have ever had to get work boots in the size they should have.

Boot Care

How do I clean my boots?

Remove the laces from your boots. Use a light horsehair brush to help remove any loose dirt and particles which can damage the leather over time. Wash boots using warm water and a mild soap. Wipe them off with a paper towel or a rag, then use a damp cloth or rag to wipe away any remaining residue off your boots. Once your boots are clean and have had time to air-dry, we recommend applying a light layer of White’s Boots Oil.

How often should I clean my boots?

We recommend cleaning your boots every 3-4 weeks if wearing them daily. Cleaning your boots frequently will help keep the leather soft and maintain its longevity.

How do I condition my boots?

Use White’s Boot Oil regularly to help repel water in moderate conditions.

Use White’s Heavy Duty Leather Preservative often to keep leather supple and conditioned. This specially formulated combination of leather oils and propolis waxes will resist chemicals, acids, and water better and longer than any other repellent. Propolis also helps to prevent bacteria, mildew, and fungus growth.

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