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Introducing the MP Sherman in Stitchdown Construction 

White's Boots | February 12, 2024

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Legacy Models Now Offered in Stitchdown Construction

White's Boots | November 1, 2022

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The best workwear in the Pacific Northwest requires versatility on the job. Aside from building boots for specialized tr...

White's Boots | February 1, 2022

Max Schaaf — the heart and soul behind 4Q Conditioning in Oakland, CA — is back with another custom design with Whit...

White's Boots | December 22, 2021

At White’s Boots, we owe a lot to the companies — both big and small — who have collaborated with us over the year...

White's Boots | November 22, 2021

Our bootmakers have always been the lifeblood of our survival. Hand-welting and hand-lasting a boot requires both skill ...

White's Boots | November 16, 2021


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